Remote CCTV Monitoring

We offer CCTV motion detection and live monitoring 24/7 for any business space, organisation or assets, your risk is assured with us

Our staff are trained in behavioural detection and hostile reconnaissance, not just security professionals but trained observers too.

Instant Response

Total Fire and Safety and solutions. Your Fire alarms are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. Activations are sent to our Alarm Receiving Centre where they are filtered for false activations. Confirmed signals activate the Police or Emergency Services

Allow only authorised personnel to your premises. We can manage your access control to your building or land this way you have the assurance of knowing who is on your premises all the time.

Why DSOC remote monitoring?

We use our cameras to perform visual tours, deliver audio challenges to unwanted visitors and we issue warning messages through site speakers. If required, we can use our direct links with emergency services to sanction a response. Your assets are safe in our hands.

We are the first Operations Centre to have a SOC, ARC, and Cyber capabilities in the same secure environment and the only BS EN 50518 – 2019 Alarm Receiving Centre in Europe.

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