Stephen Smith, Group Chief Operating Officer of DS Security discusses the company’s new operations centre.

Can you give us a brief overview of the services DS Operations Centre (DSOC) offers?

DS Operations Centre (DSOC) is a specialist security and risk management company providing services to individuals, businesses, and organisations wherever they are located. We gather intelligence and develop strategic partnerships to better protect people, assets, and brands – creating a safer and more prosperous environment for our clients’ businesses.

Our vision is reinforced by a set of core values that shape everything we do. They help us to manage our relationships with all our stakeholders and support us through the challenges of future growth.

We recognise the risk and threats constantly faced by clients, as a host of far-reaching, divergent threats emerge and evolve. such threats include terrorism, insider threat, online reputational management, informational security, intellectual property protection to name a few. We offer a wide range of intelligence and monitoring services that are tailored specifically to meet individual client needs and associated threats.

  • Major Incident Communications.
  • Monitoring of CCTV, Fire, Intruder systems, lone workers, etc.
  • Travel Risk.
  • Threat Monitoring and Assessment via OSINT and dark web.
  • The early identification of risks and threats.
  • Expert analysis of risks, providing a meaningful understanding of each threat.
  • Live communication and updates during and following an event.
  • Rapid dissemination of information to the right people, at the right time, to enable effective action.

Our senior team are trusted advisors with proven ability in the Police, Military and Security Services allowing the DSOC to initiate effective security and service programs to achieve maximum results.

What is the purpose of DSOC?

DSOC is at the heart of our client’s security model, providing intelligence and crisis communication to our clients enabling them to mitigate risk and make better business decisions. The DSOC is a highly secured facility that houses an information management team responsible for continuously monitoring and analysing our client’s security posture.

Our centre will be staffed with security analysts and engineers who will work closely with our clients’ incident response teams to ensure they are addressed immediately upon discovery.

How does DS Security stand out in such a competitive marketplace?

DS Security owns the DSOC. This is our facility led by experienced security managers and staffed by proficient operatives. This, along with our strong customer service ethos, stands us apart from the rest of the industry. We have negotiated international deals for new, state-of-the-art products, often exclusively, to ensure the best product and service to our clients always.

Our skilled leadership is always sourcing ground-breaking new products to enhance our contribution to our client’s security stance, at a competitive rate, without compromising the quality of service.

What benefits does DSOC bring to customers?

The key benefit of our DSOC for our client is the improvement of security incident detection through continuous monitoring and analysing of our client’s data and activity. The DSOC team is critical in ensuring timely detection and response to any security breach. The 24/7 monitoring provided by the DSOC gives our clients an advantage in defending against threats and intrusions regardless of the type or time of day of the attack.

Having a security operations centre helps companies close gaps and stay on top of threats facing their environment.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer care and collaborative service delivery, resulting in our customers saving time and money with security solutions that work.

Is it restricted to any particular geographical region?

DSOC currently enjoys relationships with a large international client base, in industries ranging from online gaming to banking. Our clients across the globe enjoy our full range of services and IT globalisation means the DSOC can manage all their security requirements from the United Kingdom.

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