We live in a world where crime is on the rise. Whether it’s at the workplace or in our homes, it has become increasingly more important to protect ourselves against acts of crime. Having reliable security has become the need of the hour for our homes as well as businesses. There are so many security and surveillance options that you can benefit from. You may have a surveillance system in place as well as manned security to optimise your protection. If, however, you find yourself in a position where you have to choose between the two, here’s a helpful guide on a comparison between the two.

CTV Surveillance systems

Surveillance systems are useful for monitoring the locality or areas of the office so that the identification of perpetrators is possible at a later time through documentation in case a crime has taken place.

Sometimes, just the fact that an area is under surveillance may deter criminal activity for fear of being identified and caught at a later time. However, criminals may escape detection by using masks and other means to cover the face and body, which makes it difficult to identify them even through the use of surveillance systems.

Advanced surveillance systems come with a range of features today that make it possible to pick up details and nuances of the area being monitored that can be used as proof of criminal activity later to press charges against the criminals. They’re also great because they’re always monitoring an area so you get 24/7 access to footage of a particular area which you can pull up in case of a crime, no matter what time the crime was committed.

Some benefits of surveillance systems are:

  • They have higher uptime and require lower levels of maintenance
  • They have lower costs in the long run
  • They can monitor key business areas and assets
  • They can have integrated audio that helps to warn probable trespassers
  • They offer 24/7 monitoring of a particular location

Manned security
While surveillance systems can help you monitor an area and identify criminals later in case of any breach of security, they cannot give you the level of protection that manned security can.

When you have an experienced and trained security professional on the site, you don’t just get the advantages of monitored security.

You get to have peace of mind knowing that if something happens and there’s an attempt at criminal activity, your manned security has the skills and training to keep you protected.

In case a criminal is approaching a building to commit a crime, seeing manned security there is much more effective in deterring them from committing the crime than a surveillance system which can be bypassed through the use of masks and other cover-ups.

Imagine entering your office or returning home from work only to find that the place has been broken into.

There’s not much more that you can do apart from review the footage collected by your surveillance system in the hope that you will be able to identify the culprit.

If the footage isn’t clear or the culprit isn’t properly visible on your surveillance system, you’re going to be left without an alternative course of action. Now imagine having had manned security on the site right from the start.

It could’ve prevented the break-in altogether and alerted law enforcement on the next steps to be pursued to ensure greater safety.

Manned security has its own benefits, some of which are:

Improved flexibility
Manned security offers greater flexibility in operations with tailored solutions to meet the needs of your home or business.

Better surveillance and response
With manned security, constant surveillance is possible, which can help to provide a human response in case of security threats. Trained professionals are also better at identifying threats to security and dealing with any security breaches that arise on the spot instead of having to review the footage captured by a surveillance system. They also don’t have blind spots like surveillance systems do, making it possible for them to keep an eye on people, no matter where they’re coming from.

Greater peace of mind
Unlike surveillance systems that just monitor a particular location, manned security offers monitoring as well as security functions so that threats can be dealt with when they occur. This can provide you with greater peace of mind knowing that you aren’t just monitoring the area for future use of the footage in case of a crime. You can get the help you need on the spot with the help of manned security. This creates a secure perimeter for you to operate in regardless of the type of business under consideration.

Both serve different purposes
It’s important to understand that manned security and surveillance systems serve different purposes and can even be used in combination to heighten the security of an area. Depending on the type of business you operate, you may have different sensitive areas of your business. A shopping centre or commercial site will have sensitive areas that are different from the sensitive areas of a warehouse or distribution centre.

Having manned security for your business will give you an edge in maintaining your security efforts and truly safeguarding the area thanks to the many benefits it offers.

To Sum Up

We at DS Operations Centre can help you with manned security services. We specialise in security and risk management solutions for businesses, organisations, or even individuals. We do offer remote CCTV monitoring services as well that’s available 24 hours. Our manned security services are offered across the UK with security officers who are trained and licensed by the Security Industry Authority.

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