In the current economy, where business owners must do everything they can to stay competitive, it is crucial to take every step to save money and keep the business running smoothly. One area where it may seem hard to make cuts is in the budget for your security services. While it may seem challenging to lower your security costs, there is a more natural way to save money- by hiring manned guarding services.

Our Manned Guarding Benefits at a Glance

  • Handle and contain security threats
  • Deter crime and disasters
  • Guard your premises against unauthorised access
  • Heightened security and peace of mind
  • Protect individuals and assets against assault, injury or theft caused by any criminal or unlawful behaviour

What is manned guarding?

Security guards are trained and skilled personnel who do the job of securing people, premises and preventing crimes. With technology advances each day, we often forget that the most traditional methods can often prove to be just as effective. Manned guarding is the oldest form of security – which was in practice way before cameras and electric fencing came into being.

Even today, with the most high-tech security software available, there are still a lot of benefits to actual security guards. Here are the top five reasons why it would be beneficial to your business to hire mobile security patrols:

To help deter crime

If you compare security personnel to a CCTV camera, the security guard would possibly act as a stronger deterrent to a camera. For instance, the camera may have a blind spot that any individual could exploit. In addition to being able to respond quickly to any issues of theft currently taking place, their training can enable them to recognise potentially troublesome situations and take the necessary action to eradicate the condition.

Indeed, while a CCTV camera could help in the identification of thieves (if the camera records the theft taking place), a professional security guard can not only act as a deterrent but if a robbery takes place, a security guard would be on-site to take immediate action. Mobile security patrols have the power to potentially reduce the risk of your business suffering loss due to theft or threat.

Better handling of security threats

Security services such as CCTV Camera Monitoring may be great tools for security in regards to theft. However, skilled security guards can respond to a variety of different threats. For instance, a security guard can quickly react to emergency issues such as fire damage or water damage. Additionally, a CCTV camera may only be able to record visual images.

If you have a security guard on-site, they may be able to respond to suspicious noises such as the sound of something breaking. Security guards can also help prevent people from accessing their premises without authorization. Many people seek unauthorized entry into business premises for many reasons, for instance, to steal valuable assets or to vandalise property.

With manned guarding services, it would be harder for unauthorized individuals to enter your office premises, helping to protect your business from theft, damage, and other illegal activities.

A sense of heightened security

Some people may feel uncomfortable in an area with lots of CCTV coverage. However if a friendly security guard greets your guest or customer, they would feel more comfortable visiting your business’ premises. Indeed, knowing that a professional security guard is on-site to respond to any criminal activity quickly could provide a reassuring presence to both guests and customers.

Additionally, they will also be able to provide advice to guests/customers visiting your premises by providing them with directions and information regarding the most efficient way to move around the building.

Improved customer service

It isn’t just customers and guests who may feel reassured with the presence of a trained security guard. With a security guard on-site, your staff can focus on everyday tasks and relax in the knowledge that reliable and reassuring security guards are on-site if theft or any other criminal activity takes place.

Manned security services can be specially selected to suit your business. It takes into account each staff member’s attributes to best meet your business’ unique security requirements. Additionally, site-specific training is carried out before the commencement of any project so that security personnel can work closely with your business by becoming a part of the whole team.

Quick response time

A professional service for manned guarding can provide business spaces with peace of mind in regards to safety and security. Indeed, while many security systems can record theft that has taken place, or alert you any robbery that is currently occurring, a professional security guard can use their skills and training to act as a deterrence, while also assisting in other critical issues such as protecting the property from vandalism or avoiding fire and water damage.

In our experience, the response time is absolutely critical to secure a situation and very often our guards have to think on their feet in order to make quick decisions to secure the asset. This is why all security guards need to pass various training modules and certifications in order to provide efficient protection.

Who benefits the most from manned guarding?

Generally speaking, the industries below have a great need for quality manned guarding services. However, we suggest booking a security and risk assessment in order to identify potential security threats or weaknesses within your organisation.

  • Warehouse and distribution centres
  • Industrial or commercial sites
  • Premises that have previously been targets of crime – including break-ins, arson, and other acts of vandalism
  • Vacant and derelict sites
  • Shopping centres
  • Building or construction sites

Anybody who’s office has been broken into or vandalised will be the first to tell you to hire private mobile security patrols. After all, everyone wants to work or get their work done from a place they know is safe. Big business owners realise the importance of hiring professional security personnel to safeguard their premises, customers, and employees.

Today’s security personnel do much more than just merely manning your business premises. They can not only protect your office from crimes but also create a sense of additional security for owners, employees and visitors. You must acquire manned guarding benefits for your business. It’s the best way to protect your space from both internal and external security threats.


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