Often, buildings as well as homes face the threat of unauthorised access and maintaining the security of people and assets can be a challenge. While there are surveillance systems and advanced technologies being used by several residential and commercial buildings, these systems only help with monitoring a particular site. What they can’t do is make quick responses to breaches in security a reality. This is where our Manned Guarding Services can make a difference.

Manned Guarding Services

Manned Guarding services are where there’s a manned guard present on-site at a particular location of a residential or commercial establishment for heightened security. They help to prevent unauthorised access into the premises and offer protection from theft, damage, disorder, or injury to people and their assets. The human element involved in manned guarding services makes it possible for individuals to derive numerous benefits from such services.


Some important skills and responsibilities of manned guards are:

  • Keen observation skills to be able to identify any security hazards that need to be attended to.
  • Staying updated with the latest training in the field to provide greater protection while on the job.
  • Qualified and trained in ways to deter criminal activity instead of just resorting to using the force of their safety weapons.
  • Competence and vigilance in the performance of duty.
  • Skills to effectively communicate threats to security.
  • Strength to confront and deal with intruders as well as coping abilities to deal with the effects of confrontations.
  • A protective nature which can help them serve passionately and uphold the safety of people as opposed to just doing it because it’s a job.    

Who needs it?

Several industries, as well as residential complexes, will benefit from hiring manned guarding services. In general, these industries are at greater risk:

  • Industrial and commercial properties
  • Shopping centres
  • Building and construction premises
  • Distribution centres and warehouses
  • Vacant properties
  • Any property which has witnessed criminal activity in the past, whether in the form of arson, vandalism, break-ins, or other crimes. 

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Benefits of Manned Guarding Services

If you want to benefit from heightened security for your internal as well external space whether in your business or on your home, hiring manned guarding services is essential. Such services offer several benefits which have been described below:


Manned Guarding Services can deter criminal activity

When you have just a surveillance system for your business or residential complex, you’ll have the footage needed to press charges in the event that a crime takes place and the system has been able to capture the footage.

Surveillance systems, however, have blind spots and can be bypassed with the use of cover-ups which make it difficult to identify the intruder or criminal. Lack of clarity in footage captured can result in crimes going unpunished.

With a manned guard, however, you get to have a trained professional on-site who is skilled in identifying as well as responding to security threats. Manned guards don’t have blind spots and are trained to identify troublesome situations as well as take the necessary action for de-escalation in case situations arise.

They act as better deterrents to criminal activity as intruders are more likely to second guess their crimes when they see that the premises have been secured using manned guarding services. This results in a reduction of losses to businesses as well as individuals by lowering the likelihood of crimes taking place in areas secured by manned guards.       

You can benefit from quicker responses for varied circumstances

Surveillance systems can monitor areas and provide footage in case of thefts by presenting a visual record of the site. Manned guards, however, are trained to do so much more. They don’t just help to deter or respond to situations of theft. They can also respond to issues relating to water or fire damage to property as well as pick up on suspicious sounds in the area which need to be paid more careful attention to. They can also stop unauthorised access to your property by individuals who are looking to steal or vandalise property. This can keep your business protected from illegal activities, theft, and vandalism. Manned guards are also beneficial for the other services they offer, such as:

  1. Frist-aid
  2. Gate control and reception duties
  3. Liaison with emergency personnel in case of accidents
  4. Bag searches
  5. Alarm system monitoring

Their ability to not just monitor the current situation but also respond to it makes them so valuable for you and your organisation.  


Employees can put all their focus on getting the job done

Imagine working in a place where you aren’t certain that you’re safe. Manned guarding services make qualified and trained professionals available on-site to deal with security breaches and take necessary action in case of any criminal activity. Manned guards are trained to cater to the needs of different industries and can tailor the security requirements as per the needs of your business.

They can also respond effectively to a variety of situations leading to the creation of a safe work environment. Providing employees with a work environment where they don’t have to worry about their safety makes it possible for them to devote all their attention to the work they’re doing which improves productivity and efficiency of operations in the long run. 

Customers and guests will far more safe

If you are running a business, you cannot afford to have your customers and other guests feeling unsafe on your premises. CCTV cameras may not result in guests and customers feeling safe, but an on-site manned security guard is sure to increase their feelings of safety on your premises. Knowing that there is someone on-site who can anticipate and respond to security threats that arise is likely to put your customers at ease which ultimately helps in the growth of your business in the long run.

You can even have more than one guard on your property and benefit from discounts offered by insurance companies for properties with manned guarding services.   

You can be stress-free

With Manned Guarding Services, you will be able to enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing that the security of your property is in the hands of trained and qualified professionals.  At DS Operations Centre, you can experience all these benefits for yourself with our team of trained and Security Industry Authority licensed security guards. With over 25 years of experience in the field, we can assure you that your protection is our top priority.