CCTV Remote Monitoring & Specialist Security Services

DS Operations Centre provides immediate, linked remote CCTV monitoring services for your offices and buildings, with the highest level of 24-hour Remote Monitoring Services.

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The DS Security Operations Centre (DSOC) is a specialist security and risk management company providing professional services to individuals, businesses, and organisations wherever they are based.

We are Uk’s number one provider of 24 Hour Remote CCTV Monitoring, Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) as well as a Security Operations Centre (SOC) meaning we can action real time threats to your organisation, whether it be due to an alarm being activated or your brand being mentioned on the dark web in a derogatory way.

The company’s foundation is formed by the team’s experience working within the, military, security services and the local authority.

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24/7 remote monitoring services for your security systems, with the highest level of 24-hour remote monitoring services.

On transmission of images from the monitored site to our ARC, our operators are immediately alerted to remotely investigate the monitored site through specialist alarm handling platforms.

Remote Access Control, Emergency Services Response, 24/7 Remote Monitoring, Instance Police Response and Remote Access Control.


Remote Monitoring

DS Operations Centre provides instant reponse Remote Monitoring Services for your security systems, with the highest level of 24-hour remote monitoring services.

Security Training

We run security training programs to promote pro-active awareness, help build a security culture and install a high level of understanding within your employees about the potential security risks within their “day to day” operation. ​

Manned Guarding

We offer Manned Guarding and Security Guarding contracts across the UK and deploy fully licensed, highly trained security officers on single or multiple sites for a diverse range of market sectors and clients.

Covid-19 Screening

Use Advanced Technology To Screen All Staff And Employees For The Covid-19 Virus. Take action against the spread of the virus and against the negative impact on your business.

Security Consultancy

Our security consulting services utilise former law enforcement professionals and industry experts that have extensive experience in crime prevention, risk management and security threat assessments.